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Silent Hill coming up with a new a game in Game Award 2020?

Silent Hill is a survival horror video game for the PlayStation. It is published by Konami and developed by Team Silent. The first installment of the game was released in North America and Europe in February 1999 and in Japan in March 1999. A third-person view is used with real-time rendering of 3D environments. Fog and darkness are used by the developers to muddle the graphics.

The game follows Harry Mason. In the fictional American town of Silent Hill, he searches for his missing adopted daughter. During the search, he discovers her true origin. There are five game-ending possible. All this depends upon the action taken by the players.

It received a positive response from the critics and it was commercially successful as well.  Now speculations are there that Konami and Sony to reveal a new Silent Hill Game at the Game Award 2020.

Rumors About Silent Hill New Game –

According to a gaming industry business analyst, Konami and Sony are planning to do a world premiere of a new Silent Hill Game at Game Award 2020. But nothing cannot be confirmed. In the month of July Konami started a new Twitter account for Silent Hill in which Silent Hill 2 few details were tweeted. Will Silent Hill for a new console generation will happen or not is still a question. The audience will have to watch the Game Award for the clarifications.

Additional rumors About Silent Hill New Game –

Earlier this year rumors were there that a Silent Hill reboot is in the works for PS5. Also, there are talks for the Silent Hill revival. The new Silent Hill coming from SIE Japan Studio. It is lead by the original writer and director. If rumors are to be believed then there would be a new title as well. But even though there is an increase in rumors there is no official confirmation from Konami nor Sony.

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