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Shrek 5: The Green ogre to come with yet another story

Shrek 5

Shrek has been one of those animated movies both kids and adults enjoy. Most of us grew up watching the ugly and scary ogre getting in trouble and finally having a family of his won. However, the franchise has done 4 movies so four but we still want to witness more of Shrek’s life along with is baby ogres. Shrek 5 release date was announced initially in 2016 and the production was delayed due to the alterations made to the movie. However, we have good news as the team has given us something to look forward to.

Shrek 5 will be released during September 2022. The Covid-19 has also brought in few restrictions to the production process. The movie will be produced by Chris Meledandri and written by Michael McCullers. The new movie is made to adapt to the new world and the current generation of kids. The movie is an adaptation of the fairy tale of the same name by  William Steig.

The storyline of Shrek 5

Shrek franchise shows the life of an ogre who was comfortable in his solitude and isolated life. People feared him and he was okay with that. However, the evil plans of the dwarf Lord Farquaad ruin his peace. All these events lead him to rescue the trapped princess whom he later marries. As per the last movie, Shrek is living with his new family and little kids. In Shrek 5, we can expect more adventures in the life of the donkey and Shrek. The little ogres might also be in their teenage years and new technology might also be introduced into the life of these fairytale characters. The movie is also said to show spin off for its characters. However, we know the team will not disappoint us and so we will have to wait for a trailer or further updates of the movie.

Other updates on the movie

The team has announced the date in 2016 but it has been pushed back due to various delays. As of now, we can fix in September 2022 as the release date for the Shrek 5. The movie is currently under development and alterations are also done to the scripts. Hopefully, the team gives new information about the movie and it will be updated here.

The characters from previous movies will appear again. The three sure characters are Mike Myers as Shrek, Eddie Murphy as Donkey, Cameroon Diaz as Princess Fiona. Other characters like Lord Farquaad, Gingerbread man, along with new faces too.

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