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Should We Expect A Homeland Season 9?

There have been several speculations surrounding the possibility of the ninth season of Homeland.

The internet world has been debating over whether Homeland should have another season. This debate was fuelled especially after the series finale premiered. The way things ended in the last episode has divided the fans over whether the story of Homeland needs to continue in the form of another season. This does not however mean that the creators are not considering a possibility of it. According to numerous reports, it appears that the creators might be working on thinking about a possible future for Homeland season 9.

When the last episode of season 8 released, it ended up garnering a lot of positive reviews, both at the hands of the viewers as well as the critics. In the last episode, we were able to see the unexpected twist that it ended up taking. The viewers were taken on a journey where they witnessed how Carrie Mathison, the character which is played by Claire Danes, ended up swerving her mission to kill her mentor, Saul Berenson, the character played by Mandy Patinkin. This incident was motivated with the former’s objective of becoming a new informant, which is based in Russia.

Homeland Season 8 Major Cliff-hanger Addressed

The last episode of Homeland was left open-ended by its creators. While the fans believe that there might be something brewing for the upcoming instalment, however, the co-creator, Alex Gansa in response stated that they have no such plans. At the same time, as noted by a report by Digital Spy, Alex has not completely ruled out the possibility of making another season. However, there are some conditions and the chief of them all is if the online-streaming platform like Netflix is willing to put a valuable offer across to them on the table.

These are Alex’s exact words:

“As Howard Gordan (co-creator of Homeland) said, ‘never say never.’ All of us are happy with where we ended the show and the series. Another chapter doesn’t feel necessary at the moment. But who knows what’s going to happen? Who knows what Claire and Mandy want to do? Who knows what Howard wants to do? We don’t know what that looks like. For now, it feels like closure.”

It was also revealed by Gansa later the same week when Alex made the announcement that a major scene was omitted from the finale episode of Homeland. The major scene featured Carrie reuniting with her daughter, Franny because of the objection raised by Claire Danes. In a report to TV Line, Gansa stated, “Claire felt very strongly that Carrie had made the decision to leave Franny behind in season 7. So we resolved that by having Carrie grab a photograph of Franny instead of having a scene.”

Danes further went on to talk about how the ending of Homeland panned out. She further went on to talk about how the whole shooting of Homeland ended up for her. In a recent report to The Guardian, she stated, “I loved the character. It was just so nice to play the smartest person in the room, somebody who was so daring and unapologetically ambitious and such a badass.”

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