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Shiny Pikachu in Pokemon Go: How to get the rarest Pokemon?

A shiny Pikachu is a pokemon with a rare, alternative coloration and they are morally decorative and appeal to rare motives in battle. They are incredibly rare pokemon that vary in coloration from their normal appearance. These color differences may range from minor heu adjustments to entirely altered palettes. The species Shiny Pokemon were introduced in march 2017 with the surprise reveal of Shiny Magikarp and its evolution, the red Shiny Gyarados.

How the shiny Pokemon inherited in Pokemon Go?

Niantic tweeted about the new character “this October, completing certain water-themed field research tasks will  reward trainers with the opportunity to encounter the river crab pokemon, Krabby.”


If you are lucky enough, you may randomly discover shiny pokemon in the wild, especially during special events like community days or pokemon Go fest.

Besides encounters in the wild; tasks like Raid Boss encounters, special research breakthroughs, research task rewards, and other rewards are just a few best ways you may encounter a shiny pokemon. The rarest shiny in Pokemon go is shiny Mewtwo which is hard to get as the odds of encountering it, vary between 1 in 4096 and 1 in 293.


How to catch a shiny pokemon? Is it tricky to encounter?

  • The Pokemon Go October field research update enables you to encounter a brand new shiny Gen 1 Krabby and its evolution Kingler. This update makes it the perfect opportunity to try and hone your shiny pokemon catching skills. The easiest way to catch a shiny is to follow pokemon Go’s field research tasks- some of the tasks offer up the opportunity for a shiny to appear before you.

  • The best way to increase the opportunities of encountering a shiny pokemon, if you are low on Poke balls or candy, then it is really hard to find a shiny Pikachu in Pokemon Go. In some cases, you will encounter at around 1 in 450 and the best way to catch a shiny pokemon is during a special event that features said Pokemon.

  • Another chance of increasing to get a shiny Pikachu will happen during community events which happen once in a month in pokemon Go will increase its spawn rate for an exclusive time. Runaway from battle and move on to the next pokemon, until you find the one you were looking for.

What is the advantage when you capture a shiny pokemon?

Once a player captures a shiny pokemon, the player’s Pokedex will demonstrate that they have captured it and extra switch levers for shiny forms will open in each case of Pokedex entry.

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