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Shiny Bellossom in Pokemon, How do I get a Shiny Bellossom?


To mark Pokemon Go’s recent Safari Zone event in New Taipei City, Taiwan, developer Niantic made a new Shiny Pokemon available globally. Players around the globe right now have their very first chance to meet a Shiny Oddish in the hit Pokemon mobile game.

The appearance of Shiny Oddish indicates to grab a chance to get Shiny versions of its evolved forms: Vileplume, Gloom, and Bellossom. These won’t appear in the wild, so if you’re desiring to add them to your collection, you have to be lucky enough to catch a Shiny Oddish & evolve it.

There will be extended Oddish spawns during the weekend to coincide with the Safari Zone event, giving it the best chance to find a Shiny variant. In the meantime, players at the venue encounter increased spawns of Heracross, Unown, and some other rare Pokemon.

That isn’t the only event in Pokemon Go as of now. Niantic is also bringing the Stardust Blast event back. Until the 10th of October, you will receive twice the normal amount of Stardust for catching Pokemon, battling Team Rocket, and hatching eggs. You will receive 2,000 Stardust for playing in Raids. Meanwhile, October’s Community Day is next Saturday, October 12.

Niantic recently revealed, in other Pokemon Go news, three new members of Team Rocket who’ll probably be making an appearance in the game. All three were featured on Pokemon Go’s new screen alongside Team Rocket boss Giovanni. Giratina is also back in Raid Battles.

There’s a brand new Shiny Oddish, as of October 2, 2019, in Pokemon GO means a whole lot for trainers seeking out the whole collection of Shiny one in the Pokemon GO Universe, as it’ll be the whole Oddish family that is going to be available in Shiny form.

How do I get a Shiny Bellossom?

To get a Shiny Bellossom, all you need is a Shiny Gloom. With the Shiny Gloom, one also needs 100 Oddish Candy and a Sun Stone. The Sun Stone is part of the original set of 5 Special Items rescued in Pokemon GO in the year 2017. They initially appeared in February of that year and haven’t changed a whole lot since they still appear the same.

Two of those three Shiny Pokemon can be found with standard evolutions. Once you get a Shiny Oddish, you will need some candies to make your Pokemon evolve.

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