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Shazam 2 Is In The Works! Here’s All You Need To Know

Henry Gayden and David Sandberg is working on Shazam 2.

When Shazam initially released, it did not manage to bring in a lot of revenue for Warner Bros. They were only able to accumulate a total of $364.5 million worldwide. With this, Shazam was deemed as the lowest-grossing movie of the DC Universe. We finally have someone who we hate more than Superman. However, it did not stop the production team from going ahead with a sequel to the movie. If reports are believed to be true, we have a creative team of writers consisting of Henry Gayden, David Sandberg and Peter Safran working towards the release of the film. The team is expected to be working on the second instalment of the movie in the coming days.

Zachary Levi is especially interested in the second film. In a recent interview, he stated, “I think one of the coolest things about the movie Shazam is that it brought people joy. It legitimately brought people joy. If that’s all I ever do in this world, I will be so grateful and so stoked.”

Shazam 2 Release Date

According to the announcement made by Levi, he is expecting the production team to go into shooting the sequel in either late spring or early summer 2020. The first movie, to be recalled, was filmed during the January to May 2018 time period. Further to that was some level of additional filming that took place in November and December, 2018. However, they wrapped up shooting soon after that. The movie was able to release in April. It is safe to assume, on the basis of this, that they will be taking an approximate of one and half year to come up with another movie to this franchise.

Therefore, on the basis of this, it is safe to assume that we will be seeing the movie sometime in mid-2022 or towards the end of 2021.

As far as Warner Bros is concerned, they have already been able to pack their DC schedule. They are expected to release an untitled project called ‘Untitled WB Event Film’ in early 2021. It can be as early as February, however, we are still looking for confirmation for the same. Further to that, we are also looking at 2022 for a potential ‘Event Film’ to release. It is being speculated that this movie will be Shazam 2 and nothing else.

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