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Share Jiraiya’s wisdom with his epic quotes. Check them all!

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About Jiraiya

Jiraiya is Naruto manga and anime character.  He was the student of Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi. Also, he is one of the three “Legendary Sannin”. He is known as “Toad Sage” as he is a wizard with toad like traits. Jiraiya mentors Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage. Later, he becomes godfather to Minato’s son Naruto. He also trains and mentors Naruto.

The Ninjitsu master Jiraiya has been a source of wisdom for all the anime fans. Even though he is characterized to be a perverted old man known as ‘Perv toad’, he has given some life awakening quotes. There is a reason why Jiraiya is considered as strongest in the series. Certainly in the terms of series, the character of Jiraiya has been highly appreciated. He is one of the favorite characters of the audience as well as the creators.

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The Manga author Masahi Kishimoto said, Jiraiya is “not so much arrogant, but overconfident, blusterous, and very, very skilled”. Jiraiya has been called funny, sympathetic and strong character. His wisdom is worth sharing. Hence we have brought Jiraiya’s wisdom and his quotes. Lets get started.

Jiraiya’s Quotes

All the quotes by Jiraya has proven his wisdom inside that pervy brain. Certainly, Jiraiya has shared his knowledge in every aspect of a person’s life. However, the most famous Jiraiya quotes are about women. Throughout his time alive till his death, he has spoken valuable words. Nonetheless, even after Jiraiya’s unfortunate death, his quotes stay alive.

Jiraiya’s take on Pain

  • When people get hurt, they learn to hate… When people hurt others, they become hated and racked with guilt. But knowing that pain allows people to be kind. Pain allows people to grow… and how you grow is up to you.
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  • Knowing what it feels to be in pain is exactly why we try to be kind to others.

Human Growth

  • Rejection is a part of any man’s life. If you can’t accept and move past rejection, or at least use it as writing material – you’re not a real man.
  • A person grows up when he’s able to overcome hardships. Protection is important, but there are some things that a person must learn on his own.
  • Getting dumped always makes a man stronger, but then again, men aren’t meant to pursue happiness…

Brave Warrior

  • The true measure of a shinobi is not how he lives but how he dies. It’s not what they do in life but what they did before dying that proves their worth.
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  • The most important thing for a shinobi is the SPIRIT and the will to NEVER GIVE UP!
  • Never go back on your word…and never give up. That’s your ninja way…and as your mentor … I have no business whining! Because the student’s ninja way should be the master’s too! Isn’t that so, Naruto?

Jiraiya on Society

  • I believe that the day will come when people can truly understand each other.
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  • A place where someone still thinks about you is a place you can call home.

Last but not the least! It would be wrong to not mention Jiraiya’ last words-

  • When you feel your time has come, then I shall rewind time… When you feel alone, I’ll be there to wipe away the fears…You can’t see me, but I am there.
  • Now I suppose it’s about time I put down my pen. Oh, right… What should I name the sequel? I wonder… Let’s see: The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki. Yes… That has a nice ring to it.

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