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Shannara Chronicles Season 3: All you need to know

Shannara Chronicles

Shannara Chronicles is one of the popular fantasy drama series. The story the series is based on Terry books fantasy novel The Sword of Shannara trilogy. Miles Millar and Alfred Gough created the series. The two seasons of Shannara Chronicles was released in 2016 and 2017. The whole series was shot in New Zealand. First, it was announced that there is a continuing sequel for the series and there were controversies that it is cancelled. Let’s see that is there a renewal for the third season or is there even a sequel for the Shannara Chronicles.

The Shannara Chronicles story is around a fantasy four land where the Allanon protects Ellcrys the magical tree with loads of supernatural power consumed in it and help to shut in the monsters. If they escape then they will destroy the earth. Due to the princess deeds, the leaves start tumbling and the devils will be escaped. The story is about how Allanon protects the tree and the people from the oddity.

Shannara Chronicles cast

The leads of the series are Poppy Drayton who is playing the role of the elven Princess Amberle Elessedil, Austin Butler who is playing the role of Wil Ohmsford, Jed Brophy who will be characterized as Dagada Mor, Manu Bennett will be playing as Allanon and Ivana Baquero will be playing as Eretria. Jaron Jakubenko, Vannesa Morgan, Marcos Vanco and Malese Jow will also be seen in the sequence.

Is season 3 cancelled for Shannara Chronicles?

Initially, the first season of Shannara Chronicles was a good hit but the second season was not as good as the first and due to that, the rating drowned out. So the makers said that they are in no mood to make the season 3 and they cancelled the show

The reason behind cancelling the show Shannara Chronicles

The show was first telecasted on MTV. It gained a lot of favour and received a green signal from the people because of its dreamy fantasy plot. The season two was telecasted in Spike also known as Paramount Network on 2017. The change in channels was a drawback as it decreased the audience numbers, and the season was not welcomed like the first season. The show got a low rating, and the producers didn’t have the budget for the third season. Due to this reason, they cancelled the third sequel.

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