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Shandra Page Edwards: Why was she paid tribute to in Grey’s Anatomy?

Shandra Page Edwards and Suzanne Patmore Gibbs

Grey’s Anatomy in its season 14 finale paid tribute to its two actresses who were part of the show. However, apart from this, we noticed they dedicated it to two other women who have contributed to the show. This was for Shandra Page Edwards and Suzanne Patmore Gibbs. It was written that the episode was dedicated “in loving memory” to the two of them. The two women, though they haven’t appeared in the show, worked as the backbone for Grey’s Anatomy.

Suzanne Patmore Gibbs was the TV executive. She died after suffering from complications during hernia surgery at the age of 50. Suzanne has contributed greatly to the show according to the creator Shonda Rhimes.

Shonda expressed her sorrow at the death of her companion by saying “She was my very first champion at ABC Studios, the first exec to say ‘maybe Shonda could write a TV Show.’ Then she fought like hell to get us the chance to make the Grey’s Anatomy pilot,”. She tweeted by saying that there’s no way to describe her loss. Suzanne was not just an important cast for Grey’s Anatomy but has worked for other shows like Desperate HousewivesLostThe BlacklistMasters of Sex and Outlander.

Krista Vernoff commented on her death by telling that “she was a fierce advocate for all that is right and good in this world. She fought for women’s voices before it was a popular thing to do. And while male network presidents often receive the credit for her work, Suzanne was the primary creative force behind Grey’s Anatomy ever making it to the air.”

On the other hand, Shandra Page Edwards worked as a stylist for the show. She worked for the hair and makeup department. Ellen Pompeo dedicated an Instagram post for her with a caption that said: “Shea Wherever your soul is now…Your light was so bright we will all ….everyone you touched…bask in its glow forever,”. “We will always think of light and love when we remember you and we will always smile as wide as the ocean. All of us thank you for always being our Sun. We promise to celebrate you forever and never ever forget you #gratitude…..Rest in peace angel,”.

She has also worked for other shows including The Beguiled20th Century Women and The Bling Ring. The two women’s death was considered a major loss by the team members and so they paid tribute to both of them during the season 14 finale.

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