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Shakrboy and Lavagirl: Are they both siblings?

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl is a 2005 American adventure film. It was co-written and directed by Robert Rodriguez and originally released in the United States on June 10, 2005 by Dimension Films and Columbia Pictures. The film uses the anaglyph 3-D technology and is similar to the one used in Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003). The actors in the film are Taylor Lautner, Taylor Dooley, Cayden Boyd, David Arquette, Kristin Davis and George Lopez. Many of the concepts and parts of story were created by Rodriguez’s children. The special effects were created by Hybride Technologies, CafeFX, The Orphanage, Post Logic, Hydraulx, Industrial Light & Magic and R!ot Pictures.

What is the story?

Max is a 10-year-old lonely child in the suburbs of Austin who creates an imaginary dream world named Planet Drool, where all of his dreams come to life. He creates two characters; Sharkboy, who was raised by sharks after losing his father at sea and became a shark-hybrid himself, and Lavagirl, who can produce fire and lava, but has trouble touching objects without setting them on fire. As Max attempts to retaliate, twin tornadoes form outside the school. Sharkboy and Lavagirl come out from the tornadoes and have Max word together with them to Planet Drool.

Max, Sharkboy, and Lavagirl eventually reach the Ice Princess, who resembles Marissa. She hands over the Crystal Heart, but they are too late to stop the corruption since the Ice Princess is the only one who can use the Crystal Heart’s power.

Max’s parents are caught in the storm as well, but are saved by Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Max gives the Crystal Heart to Marissa so she can use the Ice Princess’s powers to freeze and destroy Mr. Electric. Mr. Electricidad, Linus and Max make peace with one another, and Max reunites with his parents.

Max later informs his class that Planet Drool has become a dreamworld once again, Sharkboy became the King of the Ocean, and Lavagirl became Queen of the Volcanoes, and as the film shows Max finally finishing Tobor.

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