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Shakira honored the ethnicity at 2020 Super Bowl halftime show

Shakira is hugely recognized as a Colombian pop singer and dancer, with a lot of Grammys, inclining Latin Grammy and American music awards. Shakira is still the highest-selling Colombian artist of all time with a total of seventy million albums, including her hits like Whenever wherever, Waka Waka, and Hips don’t lie. 

The famous singer was born to a Lebanese father and Colombian mother in Barranquilla Colombia. 

The lady is well prominent for her honors in Latino and Arabic heritage in her music. 

The prodigy had started writing songs at the age of eight and eventually her first record deal was at thirteen years old. 

2020 Super Bowl halftime show 

Lately, in September 2019, it was declared openly that the singer Shakira would be joining the singer Jennifer Lopez for the super bowl 2020 halftime show which was conducted in Miami Florida on 2nd February 2020. 

Shakira also expressed her feeling in working alongside J.Lo, “ I feel extremely honored and humbled to be in a way next to J.Lo, in a manner representing the Latino community that is such a significant force in the United States. ” 

The 2020 Super Bowl Halftime show took place on 2nd February 2020, by being the first all Latin halftime show in history and also the participation of superstars like Bad Bunny and J Balvin. 

On the other hand, it was noticed that few Latinos felt that it was another instance of excluding Afro Latino talent from the Latin music conversation.  

What is Shakira’s special for the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show?

Meanwhile, Shakira took this opportunity to showcase the contribution of black people in her native Colombia. 

In the first half of the show, Shakira amazed the audience with her fast full-body movement of Colombian dances. 

The first one is mapalé, an afro Colombian style of dance that was developed by the slaves and depicting respect for the fishermen after a long day of work. From a dancer’s costume to the movements of the hips and shoulders, the mapalé is considered to be a very sexual dance. To give a contribution to the enslaved Africans brought to Latina America, Shakira performed this specific form of dance. 


And the other special is Champeta, which is a style of dance originating in the Caribbean coastal region of Colombia.  This form of dance specifies the influences from African colonial settlements and specifically from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Shakira performed this style of dance as its origin is in the afro Colombian communities of Shaira’s hometown of Barranquilla. 

Exclusively, a lot of champeta music elements were served including soukous, a Congolese genre of music. 

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