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Shadow Safe Houses: Where to locate the 5 Shadow Houses in Fortnite?

Fortnite for Season 2 reveals a fresh batch of challenges which revolves around the different Agent characters. With James Bond styled aura, and music, this is an interesting ride.

As the player gets through the first batch of Brutus Briefing Challenges, Week 2 introduces the second half which on completion will unlock the players ability to choose the skin styles for Battle Pass character, Brutus, whether they want to choose Ghost or Shadow.

In Week 2, the player will have to tour the 5 Shadow Safe Houses. As Shadow vies for power in Fortnite’s world, the hideout bases for Ghost and Shadow are scattered across the map.

What can we expect from 5 Shadow Houses?

Alpha Shadow Safe House

The Alpha Safe House is on the Eastern side of Pleasant Park. In order to be able to enter it, the player will have go thr the gas station and then get into porta-potty to access this Safe House. The player will be taken into a secret base and here the fire is opened immediately by AI Henchmen. So, stay active and beware the danger.

Beta Shadow Safe House

Next in line is the Beta Shadow Safe House. You will find it at the east of the gas station, Frenzy Farm. Visit the brick building behind it and enter the porta-potty. This will take yo into the hidden base. Get ready to encounter the danger.

Charlie Shadow Safe House

This time there is no gas station but a plain building near Craggy Cliffs. They have Upgrade Stations and some have telescopes.

Delta Shadow Safe House

You will find this safe house as the name suggests, at the island which is north of Misty Meadows. This one is also a big and plain house. Al Henchman patroles this island so you will have to be on a lookout for any possible attacks that can hit you from nowhere.

Echo Shadow Safe House

This safe house is located at the south of Sweaty South and north of Holly Hedges. This is an usassuming little house, and you will once again have to be on a lookout for the danger once you make it to the Echo Shadow Safe House.

So, go team Team Shadow!


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