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Shadow Pokemon: How to catch and purify Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go

As Team Go is almost everywhere, it is getting quite complicated to find, track and defeat the Team Go Rocket Grunts. We have explained how you can catch the Shadow Pokemon Team Go Grunts will use against you to take you down.

Shadow Pokemon are abandoned by the members of Team Go Rocket, after you defeat them in the battle. The hearts of these creatures are corrupted by Team Go Rocket and are used for maleficent purposes.

Here is how you can catch the Shadow Pokemon and use it to your advantage.

How to identify the Shadow Pokemon?

The player can identify the Shadow Pokémon from its mean, red-eyed, expression. Shadow Pokemon also has an extensive ominous purple aura. They will also behave in quite a different manner when you catch them.

How to catch a Shadow Pokemon from Team Go Rocket Grunts?

Shadow Pokemon is the latest update to Pokemon Go. Shadow Pokemon have succumbed themselves to darkness and grumpiness. With their anger they try to remain strong for the Team Rocket trainers.

To find them at Pokestops , you will have to engage yourself in battles. You battle the grunt to take over the Shadow Pokémon. Once you defeat them, you have a chance to capture and purify the Shadow Pokémon the grunts were previously using.

These Shadow Pokemon also have their power move, Frustration which is quite dangerous. It does more damage the more the Pokemon dislikes your. Once you purify them, that move turns into Return. It has reverse effect when compared to Frustration. This move does more damage the more the Pokemon loves you.

How to purify Shadow Pokemon?

For purifying the Shadow Pokémon you catch, you will have to click on the button on their information screen. The cost of purification is dust and candy. The process of purification is quite simple.

What is the difference between the Pokémon you catch and the Shadow Pokemon which is purified?

The Shadow Pokemon which is purified will cost you less dust to evolve and also less candy to power up. The power move they possess is Return which is a normal type attack.

So, power up to free these Pokémon from their shadowy and dark present.


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