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Shadow Of Wars : Unlocking ! Completion ! A small guide !

The Shadow of Wars can be found as Shadow of War’s endgame. It is a series of increasingly tricky sieges laid out for a player with a reward at the end. In this section of the game, Sauron will launch all his forces against the player’s Fortresses in every region, one by one. The player can repel all the attacks.

Unlocking Shadow Of Wars –

The Shadow of Wars endgame consists of 20 Sieges. The player will be tasked with defending their fortresses against invaders multiple times. Each invading force will be tougher than the last. The player will have to recruit Armies of a comparable level. With defensive measures upgrade fortresses.

10 stages are there in Sieges. In each stage, the player will have to tasked with defending specific fortresses.

  • Cirith Ungol – Stage 1
  • Núrnen – Stage 2
  • Seregost – Stage 3
  • Gorgoroth – Stage 4
  • Cirith Ungol and Núrnen – Stage 5
  • Seregost and Gorgoroth – Stage 6
  • Núrnen and Seregost – Stage 7
  • Núrnen, Cirith Ungol, and Gorgoroth – Stage 8
  • Cirith Ungol, Seregost, and Gorgoroth – Stage 9
  • All four – Stage 10

When the player completes stage 10 the player is rewarded with a “many years later” cutscene. The player is then free to explore the world and can take part in online conquests.

Completion of Shadow Wars –

  • It takes a fair bit of time to grind through and playing out in a fairly linear fashion.
  • As Orcs under the player command cannot exceed the own level the player will have to do some legwork. The player needs to match up to the opponent so has to increase the level. To know what the player is going to need the head to the Siege quest marker. It has to be done in the region under attack and start it. This will show the strength of the attacker and the upgrades used by them. It will display the rank of Orcs in the player’s army.
  • The choice of defensive upgrades to the player’s fortress. The player should pay attention to what the enemy is using. Then choose an appropriate response.
  • Choose a proper battle strategy.




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