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Shadow of the Colossus : Where to find Colossus 1?

Shadow of the Colossus is an action-adventure game. The game is developed by SIE Japan Studio and Team Ico and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 2. In October 2005 the game was released.

Where to find Colossus 1?

After watching Shadow of the Colossus lovely opening cinematic the audience will find themselves standing in the Shrine of Worship, staring out towards the rocky horizon. One needs to hold their ancient sword, with R1 to find colossi. The bim of light coming from the sword will narrow as one point it towards its target. It will tell whether one is getting colder or warmer as one searches directions to head.

From the direction of the next Colossus, the beams will be more spread out. The closure one gets in the right direction the beam will be more focused. For the sword to work it has to be exposed to sunlight.

How to find the first Colossus Valus?

  • Straight ahead from the shine the first Colossus will be standing.
  • Sword has to behold properly get a proper idea and then call Agro. The horse with triangle, hop on with triangle or X.
  • A small introductory bit of platforming will be the only obstacle in the path to Valus.
  • Rocky wall straight ahead from the shine when one gets there a sort of shaggy, mossy growth can be seen in the right. Jamp and hang on to that. Hold R2 to stay holding on and then climb up. To the left follow it and double back to the right again. One has to climb a few rocky edges. After that it’s easy.

How to defeat the Minotaur?

Valus being the first unluck Colossus one will encounter. This will be too challenging. When one finds it roams harmlessly in the plateau. One needs to avoid being crushed. Valus won’t actively attack you. One needs to work on their way around behind it. On it’s left calf climbable shaggy fur will be there. One needs to jump and climb on the left leg. On the calf muscle, a shining blue sigil can be seen.

One has to stab these sigils with the sword. One might have to hit several times. Sword has to be risen for a couple of seconds to be charge up the attack. Press it again to stab. Don’t leave holding R2. When the sigil stabbed enough times a short cutscene will trigger. The Valus will stumble giving the opportunity to climb back of the leg. Eventually, climb to head.

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