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Shadow of The Colossus : Guide to find Colossus 1 !

Shadow of The Colossus is one of the most epic video game ever created. The game utilizes its immersive world, minimalist narrative, and breathtaking premise to elevate its quality. Recently PlayStation4 has been remade and Shadow of The Colossus is gaining more attention.

Each of the 16 colossi the players fight during Shadow of The Colossus is like a puzzle. The players have to find where it’s hiding in the world and then the player has to figure out how to get close to it. Finally, the player has to figure out how to reach its magic sigil. The player has to find the weak point and kill it.

Guide To Find Colossus 1 –

The player has to ride straight south. The player has to look for the gap in the cliff facing away from the Shrine of Worship. This journey gives a chance to the player to be comfortable. The sword of the player will guide the way out.

The sword is easy to use. To focus light on the beam hold down R1. If the beam is spread wide then the player is facing the wrong way. The beam will become narrow and narrow as the player turns. This is an indication that the player is facing the right way.

Agro is difficult to ride and control. She will not react instantly to every command. She is a little stubborn and has her own intelligence, logic, and rules. When the player is going south, then first learn how to handle her.

The player should ride up the stairs once the player arrives in the gap of the cliff.  One the way one lizard, shrine, and fruit tree is there. Lizard increases stamina, fruit increases health, and shrines will restore health.

On the right look for an ivy-covered wall. Grab with R2 and jump with X. Top of ivy just climb. To heap upward hit the X button. The player has to turn left and follow the ledge around. With the X button jump across the gap.

On the right side, the wall is there where the player has to climb. Then the player has to continue to cross the bridge. Next gap jumps and keeps following the ledge to the right. Under the fallen pillar just roll. The player has to use the Circle button. Climb the wall on the left.

Grab the pillar on the left by jumping up. The player has to hold the X and move the left thumbstick in the direction the player wants to jump. Release X to cross the gap. Go up and round to the left. On the right gap is there pass there to meet first Colossus.




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