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Sex Education Season 3: Check out the new updates on cast and what to expect!

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Cheer up, people! Otis and Maeve will be back to educate you more. Sex Education has officially begun with production work for the third season. Although it was kind of obvious, we still couldn’t be happier. We’ll soon get to see these teenagers dealing with their awkward teenage years.

Until then, wash your hands, you Dirty Pig!

About Sex Education

Sex Education is a British Netflix Original drama series created by Laurie Nunn. As the name suggests, the show is about teenagers dealing with their teen years and exploring various aspects of sex. The show is depicted through the lens of Otis Milburn, a high school student. He is characterized as an insecure kid who is unsure about sex when everybody around him is exploring it. On the other hand, Otis’s mother is a sex therapist who openly talks about sex and issues related to it. It adds to Otis’s awkwardness on the topic of sex.

However, Otis helps a school bully regarding his performance anxiety. He realizes that he is good at it; hence he sets up a sex advice business with Maeve, who joins because of her need for money. Meanwhile, Otis discovers his feelings for Maeve but never had the guts to confess. Maeve also moves ahead in her relationship with Jackson.

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In season 2, Otis gets in a relationship and finally feels secured with Ola. Consequently, he finds himself in the pressure of romance and feelings. Later, Ola realizes Otis’s prevailing feelings for Maeve, who also starts feeling for Otis. But she keeps quiet because of Ola. Otis is dumped by Ola, and he finally confesses his feelings to Maeve. It confuses her, and as a result, they stop the business. Meanwhile, a rumored Chlamydia outbreak causes anxiety in school. Finally, in the end, Otis declares his love for Maeve in a voicemail. But it left us on a cliff-hanger as Isaac deleted the voicemail.

Release Date of Sex Education Season 3

Sex Education became a critical and commercial success for Netflix. Season 1 was released in January 2019, followed by the second season in January 2020. Later on February 10, 2020, Netflix renewed the show for season 3. Recently on September 9, Netflix UK and Ireland announced on twitter about the beginning of production.

What to expect from Sex Education Season 3

Certainly, the teaser of production announcements gave many hints about season 3. Firstly, Otis’s mother Jean, is pregnant with Jakob’s baby. Jean’s pregnancy is clearly mentioned in the video, verbally as well as with the stuffed pillow. Secondly, with Anwar’s body plaster cast, people are guessing that cast will be turned into a sex doll.

Other than that, Jackson and Viv’s might get together. Their chemistry is epic as friends. Could it turn into something else? However, last but not least, people are highly excited about Maeve’s new look. Also, what will become of Otis and Maeve? Whatever happens, Sex Education is going to be another hit again.

Cast of Sex Education Season 3

According to the reports, Jemima Kirke will take-over the role of Moordale High’s headteacher. Apparently, she will move to Wales for six months for the shoot of Sex Education 3. Other than that, Season 3 will bring back the same characters played by:

  • Emma Mackey returns as Maeve Wiley
  • Asa Butterfield will return as Otis Milburn
  • Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn
  • Ncuti Gatwa as Eric Effoing
  • Connor Swindells aa Adam Groff
  • Kedar Williams-Stirling as Jackson Marchetti
  • Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee Gibbs
  • Patricia Allison as Ola Nyman


ith Jackson.

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