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Sex Education Season 3: All You Need To Know

It is official – Netflix will be airing the third season in upcoming months.

Believe it or not – Sex Education is returning on Netflix with a third season. It has been one of the most popular shows for the online-streaming platform. It was quite an instant hit for them. The viewers, thus have a lot to look forward to, in the upcoming season.

In a recent announcement, Netflix confirmed that they will be bringing the hit show back on-screen. Before they made their announcement, there were already quite a few rumours regarding the third season. In fact, a report by Production Weekly had suggested that the team had already begun filming for the show. The filming of the show is expected to continue to take place until September, 2020. As per reports, the filming is scheduled to take place from May until September. However, it doesn’t appear like they will be able to resume the filming any time soon. In fact, it will go on to take quite a large amount of time for the situation to return to being normal first. We are currently facing the pandemic situation and we are not sure when this will resolve.

What’s the production status for Sex Education season 3?

Prior to the official announcement, the creators of Sex Education had already gone on the confirm that she is working on the third season. Laurie Dunn had confirmed that she had begun writing the third season while the second season was being aired. In a quote to the press, she said, “That’s just a very normal part of the process because we work on such tight schedule, and season three hasn’t been green lit yet or officially commissioned.” Typical of these writers, they never really confirm the news nor deny it. Giving out mixed signals, Laurie Dunn has not provided a lot to confirm that the third season is taking place.

Filming for Sex Education Season 3 Faces Delay

The filming of the upcoming season was scheduled to take place this month. However, it was back on the April 17th that it was announced that the filming maybe delayed. Like mentioned previously, this must not come across as a surprise, especially because we are facing the global coronavirus pandemic. The filming of the series usually takes place in the United Kingdom. Other than that, it is worthy to note that UK is currently extending its quarantine period for the public.

We will wait for the production team to release some confirmed information. However, on the basis of how well the series has fared in the past, there shouldn’t be an ounce of doubt regarding the show’s possibility of returning. It is highly possible that the series returns with its absolute glory. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether it will be able to pick things up from where they left off, in the much-required, expected manner.

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