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Sex education 3, Otis is back to answer all your queries: Gear up for SE 3 !

Sex Education Season 3

Sex Education 3 – Sex Education will soon be back with its third installment. The announcement was made by Netflix through a video that ensures the renewal of the most awaited youth-centric show.

There has been no news about the exact date of the release yet. As per sources, one can expect the dispatch date by mid-2021. The streaming authority Netflix has also announced that the crew has started filming the series. The delay was entirely caused due to the sudden lockdown of all production works on account of the COVID 19 pandemic.

What is S.E. all about?

The comedy-drama series focuses on modern-day teenage issues pertaining to sex, physical insecurities, relationships, heartbreaks, and other adulting problems. The plot revolves around the protagonist Otis Milburn, who was initially shy and uncomfortable talking about sex and intimate matters.

The previous season witnessed  Otis getting into a relationship with Ola but was still struggling enough with his anxiety issues. The outcome was their separation which disappointed the fanbase a bit. Furthermore, Otis was seen developing feelings for Maeve but the voicemail he sent her gets deleted, to his despair. Will Maeve come to learn about Otis’s feelings?

The show also highlighted the same-sex relationship between Ola and Lily and she is still struggling with her sexual orientation. In Sex Education 3 we can expect a lot of new things to take place. What could happen to Ola and Lily? Fans are anxiously waiting to know.

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Who can be seen in Sex Education 3?

As per information, fans can’t wait for their favorite actors to come back.  Asa Butterfield is very likely to play in the role of Otis, Emma Mackey in the role of Maeve, and Aimee Lou Wood in the role of Aimee. There is no news about any new faces joining this season. Fans have to be patient until any further news is obtained.

Recent reports confirm that the pals were seen chatting away as they rode their bikes in the set, with Ncuti, holding a gleeful face indicating Eric’s, still leaving no stones unturned to tease Otis. While Otis will be seen to be experimenting with a mustache for the new series, Ncuti is assumed to rock the viewers with a classic Eric look, in a co-ordinating pink patterned trouser and jacket combo.

However, this time Safety would remain their top-most priority. Wearing of masks, and protective gear for the artists, following social distancing norms will be heavily monitored during the shoot, as sources reveal.

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