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Seven chickens in contra costa county detected with West Nile Virus

The residents in Contra Costa County have been given warnings about the West Nile Virus threat as seven chickens were tested positive with the virus in Holland Tract situated near the Knightsen town. The officials from the Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector Control District are spreading awareness among the residents to use precautions so as to prevent mosquito bites and protect against the West Nile Virus as the hot weather speeds the growth and development of mosquito and virus.

Steve Schutz, the manager of district scientific programs said in a statement that warm weather promotes the transmission of the virus and moderate levels of West Nile virus activity have been identified in the warm regions of the neighboring counties situated in the central valley and delta in the past few weeks. The flocks of chickens found in the district came with positive tests and when the mosquitoes bite these chicken, it develops antibodies to combat the viruses.

The test samples that have shown positive results for the antibodies show the activity of the virus in the specific areas and also help in determining the locations in the district to prevent and control the spreading of the virus. Schutz said that the experts first detected the virus in dead bird samples but recently there have been fewer death reports of the birds from the public which is rare. People have been advised to contact (877) 968-2473 on spotting a dead bird. They may even straight away visit the statewide West Nile Virus Hotline.

The contra costa county residents can prevent themselves from the risks of getting an infection from the West Nile virus along with other diseases spread by mosquitoes simply by draining the standing water containers, dumping the waste in proper places, applying mosquito repellents that contain DEET, using the oil of lemon eucalyptus, and avoiding going outdoors when mosquitoes are most active especially at dawn and dusk. These are the times when mosquitoes attack the most and can get people into serious health complications. It is not that people are completely safe during daytime and nighttime, as mosquito bites are never disease-free or risk-free. One must take special precautions to stay away from the deadly diseases spread by mosquitoes.

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