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Setting Up Your Own Gaming Space at Home

Game Setup

While gaming in your lounge is OK, the experience doesn’t compare to having your own gaming den or other dedicated space. If you’re serious about gaming, they allow you to play in a distraction-free environment and enjoy long gaming sessions in comfort. Here’s how you can get started creating your own gaming space and some ideas for setting it up.

Consider adding an outbuilding

If you don’t have space such as a basement, attic or garage that could be renovated and made into a gaming den, then adding an outbuilding might be a good option. Look at the steel buildings offered by Armstrong Steel, which can easily be turned into a man cave or leisure space. You can add power and light to outbuildings and easily create your own home away from home where you can game in peace.

Add soundproofing to your space

When possible, it’s worth adding soundproofing to your gaming den. This is because it stops external noise from distracting you, as well as noise from your game annoying others. There are several ways to add soundproofing to existing walls, or if you’re building your own structure, you could add extra soundproofing within the walls. The extra investment is often worth it.

Add plenty of storage space

As a gamer, you’ll have lots of little accessories that need to be properly stored away. Make sure you have storage space for:

  • Consoles – consoles should be stored neatly on shelves so that they don’t get damaged, and they need airflow to prevent overheating
  • Games – line your gaming den with shelves for all your game cases to ensure the place is neat, and it’s easy to find the right game
  • Controllers – controllers can often get damaged, so create a shelf where they can be stored and charged ready for a long session

Some gaming dens can look a mess after a while, so by adding plenty of storage, you can keep things looking neat and tidy.

Don’t be afraid to theme the room

If you’re creating a room just for gaming, why not go crazy on the theming? There are loads of ideas for gaming room décor online, whether you want to go for a fun, bright, retro-games themed room, or a cool and sleek sci-fi inspired space. Many gamers add colorful LED lighting and other extras to the room to give them a cool atmosphere, and you can proudly display your video game posters in this space too.

Many gamers dream of having their own gaming space. However, it doesn’t take a lot to set up. The biggest challenge is usually finding a space, so creating an outbuilding, or renovating an unused space such as an attic can give you a great blank canvas. You can then build upon it and add lots of fun theming and put your gaming memorabilia on display. Add a comfortable chair, and you can enjoy long gaming sessions in style and have a great place to have friends over to play.

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