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Seth Rogen and Dominic Cooper preached Preacher at 2019 Comic-Con

The 2019 edition of Comic-Con Dominic Cooper and Seth Rogen said that the hell is going to break loose. The last and the final version of Preacher is on the way for release. By the looks of it, things are going to change everything by the time the series comes to an end.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are the co-creators as well as the executive producers of Preacher. The TV-Series is the direct adaptation of Steve Dillon and Garth Ennis’ incredible comic series. Sadly, the forthcoming season would the final season of the series. Furthermore, this also suggests that people won’t be seeing genesis in action ever again.

The chronicles of Jesse Custer

Dominic Cooper portrays the role of Jesse Custer a normal padre who acquires the most significant power in the world. With Genesis, Custer can make people do anything he wants to. However, Custer is not the bad guy here. Instead, Jesse Custer and his friends are in search of God.

In the second season, God went missing from heaven, and he is trying to enjoy jazz music. Moreover, the Padre and his remarkable group of friends are on the verge of facing insurmountable wrath of God. On the other hand, during the third season, a group of Nazi-kinda people wanted Custer to become the new God. But, he killed them.

Who attended the Comic-Con 2019?

The whole cast including the creators of the series was present during the events of Comic-Con. Other than Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Julie Ann Emery as well as Mark Harelik were also present during the vent.

During the event, the cast and producer did showcase an exclusive trailer of the series. Moreover, Seth Rogen also said that he is one hundred percent sure that the series ends with the fourth season. Rogen also told that they could have extended the series; however, endings are usually good as well.

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