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Serious and foolish COVID-19 queries surrounds doctors and helplines

The government and health departments are working together to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The virus has lead to a worldwide shutdown, and people are advised to stay home to be safe. In such an extraordinary situation, doctors are putting major efforts to save the lives of the people. Queue at clinics and hospitals may have vanished to maintain social distancing, but doctors are busy as ever to attend calls on COVID-19 helpline.

When the entire world is stressed, and people feel insecure due to the deadly spread of this infectious disease, it is also getting difficult to handle the silly queries on COVID-19 helpline for the doctors. There are reports which suggest that doctors are fed up with the level of “foolishness,” as the number of COVID-19 cases increases day by day.

According to the reports, From “I have flu-like symptoms. Do I have coronavirus?” to “Can we contract COVID-19 from ‘Made in China’ products?” doctors are surrounded by silly questions that have made things a lot more difficult for them. Our news sources have reported that doctors have confirmed that they are dealing with numerous and complex questions on COVID -19 helplines because of the extraordinary situation which the scary disease has created.

There are reports which confirm that most of the common queries are related to symptoms and prevention of this terrible disease. Such queries include- “Does summer kill coronavirus?” “Are face masks useful?” “Are hand sanitizers better than soap?,” ?,” “Are elders in my family more susceptible?” “Does smoking impact recovery chances.
Reports even suggest that there are few other queries which were asked on COVID -19 helplines and have left doctors struggling for answers. Such queries include “Can one get the infection via mail coming from China?”, ”Does sipping hot water destroys the virus?”, “Are Indians more immune to coronavirus than others?” “Is the risk higher in homes with tiles?” “Are those with beards and mustaches more prone to the disease?”, “Does sunbathing kills the virus?”.

Vishal Sehgal, who is the medical director at Bangalore-based Portea Medical, affirmed that they had received more than 15 lakh queries from over 16 countries in their WhatsApp chatbot service, which was launched in the third week of March. Apart from this, they have received over 100 COVID-19 related calls on their helpline daily, the medical director confirmed.

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