Selena Gomez is getting married to Bill Murray: Is this the young star’s strategy to promote her new film?

The 26-year-old songwriter-singer walked the red carpet in 2019’s Cannes film festival. Her new movie, ‘The Dead don’t Die’ got its world premiere in French Riviera. Selena’s social media is full of pictures from the event to reach out to the fans. A strange caption caught the eye of the fans. The caption read that she is going to marry Bill Murray. Bill Murray is a veteran actor and co-star to Selena in her new movie. She also mentions the same in a post on Instagram. In a gallery post, Selena ‘s caption at the end read,” By the way, Bill Murray and I are getting married.”

Selena carries a great fan base, and to this news, fans are showing mixed reactions. Fans are commenting vigorously on the post wanting to know if Selena is joking. Selena’s caption has now become viral news. Many photographs have them together, which again makes this news somehow right. Fans are pleading in the comment section for this news to be just a joke. Bill Murray also expresses his thought on the young singer. He says that Gomez is outstandingly bright. She is natural and kind.

The caption by Selena turned the heat on, to add to it Bill Murray whispered something to Selena. When was Bill Murray to answer the question to the press about what did he whisper? He said he does not remember neither cares to speak that he likes Selena.

The fans believe that Selena was indeed joking about her marriage. The time will tell if it is true or not. For now, the viral news says that Selena has announced her wedding with Bill Murray. She mentioned it not once but twice. The Fans are shocked, and they expect Selena’s confirmation if it is indeed serious or just a little joke.