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Seems as if Lee Min Ho is posing for K drama poster

The King: Eternal Monarch star Lee Min Ho, who recently turned 33 on, June 22 delighted his fans by sharing some pictures of himself on social media. The South Korean television series The King: Eternal Monarch has just been wrapped by the actor. As Fans have been waiting for the announcement of his project, the actor appeared on Instagram in order to share a video on July 2. The renowned South Korean actor Lee Min Ho was seen walking along a lit street and admiring the illuminated skylines. However, our favourite actor was not in the video, but fans spotted his shadow.

Gangnam Blues actor treated his fans by posting throwback pictures of himself on his social media account; it is assumed that all the three snaps which have been posted by actors are from the same night he was out.

Since the actor is wearing the mask on the face in the monochrome photos, fans are not able to see him. This picture was a little blur yet a good picture, and the second shows a lonely boy on the streets, which looks like a poster. And in the third one, we see that the actor Lee Min Ho gets distracted by his mobile.

Recently, Bounty Hunters star Lee Min posted a video from his trip. This video has been shared by the actor along with the Dancing Universe song in the background. Although viewers were happy to look at him all over, the comments of the video filled with his birthday wishes for The King: Eternal Monarch co-star Kim Go Eun.
Since then, fans are keeping an eye on them.

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