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Search Party Season 4 confirmes renewal, but what is the launch date?

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Good news for all fans and that is the renewal of the search party for a fourth season. The production of this took place between December 2019 to February 2020 so the release can be expected in June or July of 2021. The cast is here with yet another investigation but this time they are on the lookout for one of them.

This is a satirical dark- comedy series created by Sarah Violet-Bliss, Charles Rogers and Michael Showalter. The first season premiered on 21 November 2016. There was a two year gap between the second and third season. The show had switched their streaming network to HBO max. The original language of the show is in English.


The show presents the life of four New York residents Dory, her boyfriend Drew, Elliot and Portia. Season one is about how all of them come together to find Chantal who is Dory’s college acquaintance. While all of them have their own personal problems to deal with, they reluctantly join the search party.

Season two revolves around a murder accidentally committed due to a misunderstanding. Private investigator Keith Powell is killed because Dory mistakes him to be a threat for Chantal. The four then try to cover up all the evidences against them. This is when Dory’s neighbor April comes a threat to them as she has evidence of them talking about the murder. However this led to Dory committing another murder. Now she has got two murders on her plate.

The last season ends with a cliff hanger. Dory and Drew are acquitted from the murder of Keith. The second incident that occurred was Dory getting kidnapped by her stalker. The last scene shows her with a shaven head chained to a chair. The season also includes a self discovery of Dory and her accepting the truths about her actions and herself. The next season will b focused on finding Dory and her kidnapper.

Cast and characters

The main cast includes

  • Alia Shawkat as Dory
  • John Reynolds as Drew
  • John Early as Elliott
  • Meredith Hagner as Portia
  • Brandon Michael Hall as Julian

Season 4

The new season of the search party will release June or July 2021. The wait is soon going to be over to figure out how the new investigation is going to be. This time they have to find one of them.

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