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Scarlett Johansson promotes and talks about her film “Black Widow”!

Scarlett Johansson is back to reprising her role as Natasha in the film “Black Widow”, which released on 10 July. Meanwhile, the 36 year-old-actress is busy in the promotions of her film. In a recent interview while promoting “Black Widow”, Scarlett opened up about the story of the film.

In the sequel, Natasha deals with her past, where she finds her alone and lonely. Talking to Fox News, Johansson said, “I think it’s a film about self-forgiveness,”

Scarlett added, “I think it was really important to see Natasha off her game. Suddenly we find her in a place where she’s utterly alone and really not attached to anything. She has to face her demons and is really able to face them because of Yelena.”

Describing Yelena’s character, Natasha’s sister played by Florence Pugh, Scarlett said, “Yelena is the woman who is saying to her, look, you experienced this and you need to examine it and it’s not okay… this is why you don’t sleep at night, and neither do I. It’s a very powerful experience.”

While fans are excited for the new Marvel movie looking into Natasha’s past, Scarlett confirmed that she won’t be returning as Black Widow. In a recent interview with Fatherly, Scarlett, who is reportedly pregnant with her second child, officially told that her journey as Black Widow is done. Johansson said, “I have no plans to return as Natasha. I feel really satisfied with this film. It feels like a great way to go out for this chapter of my Marvel identity.”

Scarlett added, “I would love to be able to continue to collaborate with Marvel in other ways because I think there’s just an incredible wealth of stories there. Re-imagining this genre is something that I find very interesting. I think there’s a lot of opportunities to tell these stories in different ways than audiences have come to expect.”

Besides, a Yelena aka Florence is already being rumored/expected to take charge of the character, and appear as the new Black Widow.

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