Samsung Galaxy Note 9's Super AMOLED display hits several record-high scores for its uber quality

Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Super AMOLED display hits several record-high scores for its uber quality

Samsung flagship smartphones have high-end specifications, great design, and a great display to flaunt. Samsung recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a 6.4” Super AMOLED display and guess what, it is the best display ever in a smartphone as per DisplayMate’s analysis and rating.

DisplayMate is an organization that scrutinizes the qualifiable aspects of a display compared to other displays and that’s where Note 9 has hit the highest score. When tested for color accuracy, Note 9’s display is highly accurate in several color gamut. Further, DisplayMate used the Just Noticeable Color Difference (JNCD) system which analysis the color accuracy, color shift, etc. Usually, an error rate under “3” is considered to be indistinguishable from perfect while the situation in which two colors are touching, the usual rating is of “1” to be perfect but Note 9 scores a whopping JNCD score of “0.5” which makes it perfect and better than other displays.

Samsung is one of the leading display manufacturers and has been producing OLED displays for years now. At first, the OLED technology developed by Samsung had issues like low brightness or uneven panel quality, etc, however, now the OLED technology has surpassed the excellence of IPS LCD display. Further, Samsung has improved the display on Note 9 from its predecessor Note 8 with increased brightness by 26 percent which tallies the maximum output of 825 nits. In comparison, LG G7’s LCD throws a brightness of maximum 1,000 nits although when compared, it has a number of issues giving OLED an upper hand.

Note 9 is able to scale up the brightness output to 1050 nits when only 1% of the display is active. Further, It has the lowest screen reflectance of 4.4 percent, highest contrast rating in ambient light of 239 and largest native color gamut of 113% DCI-P3 and 142% sRGB / Rec.709. Further, it’s color shift and intensity scale with an image scores a 0.7 JNCD and its highest contrast ratio is infinite. Moreover, it has the smallest brightness variation at 27 percent with a viewing angle of 30-degrees while the small color variation of while at 1.3 JNCD with a viewing angle of 30-degrees.

Note 9’ 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display has been tagged as ‘A+’ and it is presently the highest in terms of performance even when compared to the last iteration of competent display that comes with Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.