Andrey Suchilin Andrey Suchilin/Facebook

Russian guitarist dies one month after being removed from flight due to bad odor caused by flesh-eating necrosis

The death of a Russian guitarist on Monday grabbed further headlines after he was removed from a flight owing to the unbearable stench from his body that led to emergency landing of the plane. The guitarist Andrey Suchilin was travelling on a Boeing 737 of the Transavia service which was going from Spain to Netherlands. The passengers on board the flight complained of an overwhelming stench that led to the pilot’s decision for emergency landing in Portugal.

The emergency landing had grabbed headlines across the world and reports of passengers becoming nauseous and allegedly fainting due to the bad odor were also noticed profoundly in context of the incident. Furthermore, some reports also suggested that even before the pilots decided to divert the flight the airline staff quarantined the guitarist in a toilet of the plane without any knowledge of the disease of the individual. One of the passengers, Piet van Haut stated that the stench was unbearable and it appeared as if Andrey had not washed himself in a long time.

However, in a tragic turn of events, it has been revealed that the smell emanating from Andrey was not a result of poor hygiene but an outcome of necrosis which he had developed during his vacation in Spain. Suchilin has also expressed about the disease in a Facebook post on May 30 implying that he had contracted a disease which makes a man stinky alongside informing about the expiry of his health insurance and that he did not have money, medical care or consulate in Spain.

Andrey further noted that the doctors in Spain had told him that it was a common beach infection. The condition of Andrey worsened after a surgery which led him into a medical coma as the necrosis spread further to other areas of the body such as lungs, heart and the kidneys before his demise on June 25.