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Russian Doll Season 2 is Confirmed: Updates Await your Attention

Russian doll season 2

Russian Doll is a highly entertaining series streaming on Netflix. Everyone is curious to know what are the updates on Russian Doll Season 2. Read till the end to know all the details-Cast, Plot, Overview, and release date of season 2.


Russian Doll is an American comedy-drama television series. It was premiered on February 1st, 2019. This is a Mystery which was nominated for many awards. No wonder season 2 is awaited eagerly. Read further for the release date of season 2.

Release date of Russian Doll Season 2:

The good news is Russian Doll Season 2 was officially announced in 2019 only, but the dates are not yet revealed. In June 2019, the makers announced season 2, which was delayed. The reason behind the delay is the Corona Pandemic. Fans will have to wait, but do not need to get disheartened, because sooner or later, Russian Doll season 2 is coming for sure. 

What Russian Doll is all about?

The show follows the story of Nadia, who is a game developer, and one fine day she dies and then comes back. This happened several times. This was happening because there was a time loop. She tries to solve the problem and finds out that her friend Alan is in the same situation too. And then the story continues with their struggle.  

Cast of Russian Doll

  • Natasha Lyonne as Nadia Vulvokov
  • Greta Lee as Maxine
  • Yul Vazquez as John Reyes
  • Charlie Barnett as Alan Zaveri
  • Elizabeth Ashley as Rath Brenner
  • Kate Jennings Grant as Young Ruth

What do Fan and critiques say about the show?

Fans feel that Russian Doll is one of the unstoppable television series. The start is slow, but it will crackle and sparkle you after the 3rd episode. The impeccable acting of Natasha got everyone’s hearts away. Critiques say that the show is inventive and ambitious with an entire outstanding cast.   

See you soon with added updates. Till then, stay tuned. 

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