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Rosie O’Donnell supports Britney Spears, hopes she can “break free!”

Britney Spears’ conservatorship case is not hidden from anybody. The singer has been supported by many fellow celebrities and her fans and friends. This time, comedian and actress Rosie O’Donnell came out in support of Britney Spears.

In a recent interview with “Extra,” O’Donnell expressed her opinion on Britney Spears’ ongoing conservatorship battle. Not only did she support Britney, but also hopes for the “Toxic” singer to “break free” from her father, who is one of her conservators. O’Donnell said, “I think that she needs to break free of her father and all of his little people that he has working in his world to take advantage of his daughter.”

She further stated, “She should get out of the conservatorship if she can, and everyone in showbiz should support her.”

However, this is not the first time that Rosie has commented or spoken up about any controversial topic. She has always put forth her opinion related to the hot topics. In the same interview, the comedian commented on Prince Harry’s new upcoming memoir, which recently caught heat. She said, “I hope I get a galley copy. I’m one of those people who’s sort of on the fringe of, ‘Is he a real royal?’”

Moreover, she also addressed the newly bloomed love between former ex partners Angelina Jolie and Ben Affleck. She said, “I don’t really know them — in the celebrity vernacular, I do… I love Jen, I think she’s a great girl and I don’t really know Ben very much, but they seem to be quite happy and knowing they were gonna get a lot of [expletive] about it, they did it anyway and there’s something kind of beautiful about that. She continued, “They both look happy as can be, so good for them.”

Meanwhile, Britney Spears and her new attorney are doing their best to free Britney from the abusive legal contract that she has been a part of since 2008. As a result of the conservatorship contract, Spears’ life was in complete control of her conservators, and she did not have any freedom to make her own choice of have a say in her own life. In fact, her medical and financial affairs were also being controlled.

The worst part for Britney was that her own father, Jamie Spears was one of her conservators, who never supported his daughter.

As reported by TeCake.com in the previous reports, the singer had requested the judge to free her from the legal arrangement. She had also made a request in front of the judge to remove her father Jamie Spears as her conservator. However, the judge had denied her request for the latter.

Britney Spears has had bad experiences and relations with her father due to this conservatorship. Under this legal arrangement, Britney’s almost entire life is controlled by the conservators. As her conservator, Britney’s father Jamie has been in control of the singer’s $60 million fortune since 2008. In one of her court hearings, the singer had told Judge Penna, “I shouldn’t be in a conservatorship if I can work and provide money and work for myself and pay other people… It makes no sense.”

The 39-year-old singer had also stated that her father loved taking control of her life, and called him an “abusive guardian.” She had told at the time, “It’s embarrassing and demoralizing what I’ve been through, and that’s the main reason I didn’t say it openly. I didn’t think anybody would believe me.”

Britney’s views about her father were backed by the singer’s mother Lynn Spears. Last month, Britney’s mother opened up about the relationship that her daughter shared with her father Jamie, stating that it was full of fear and hate.

Not only did she support her daughter, but also made some eye-opening revelations about Jamie’s acts. In an interview with TMZ, she had stated that 69-year-old Jamie is “incapable of putting his daughter’s interests ahead of his own.”

Britney’s mother said, “I became involved in this conservatorship during what I will term a ‘time of crisis’ that began at the end of 2018 and continued into 2019.” She says that she got involved at the time when she didn’t think the conservatorship was in Britney’s “best interests.” She revealed that Jamie had “absolute control” over Britney’s wealth.

In her testimony in support of Britney, Lynn had mentioned that Jamie had hired a “sports enhancement doctor,” whom prescribed her “entirely inappropriate medicines” which Britney “did not want to take.” Other than that, the singer was also forced to go into a mental health facility against her will in early 2019. They “threatened (Britney) with punishment if she did not stay for medical treatment,” stated Lynn.

Describing Britney’s relationship with her father, Lynn wrote that Britney felt “nothing but fear and hatred, which is the result of Jamie’s ” complete control… his mistrust of her, his coercion of her, his ‘bartering’ with her over what she can and cannot do for whatever reward or punishment he is willing to mete out, his constant threats, and his decision-making over all aspects of her life.”

As reported by TeCake.com before, Lynn also brought a specific breaking point that injured the father-daughter relationship badly.  She said, “Of the actions that solidified the failure of my daughter’s and Mr. Spears’ relationship, the physical altercation between Mr. Spears and [Britney’s] minor children, my grandchildren, was perhaps the most appalling and inexcusable, and understandably destroyed whatever was left of a relationship between them.”

Ever since Britney’s case became active, several celebrity has come out in support of the singer, who has not been allowed to even remove the IUD in her body on her own will due to the legal contract.

Other than O’Donnell, Britney’s ex-husband Kevin Federline also came out in support of her. Federline stated through her representative, “What is best for her, Kevin supports her in being able to do that. It doesn’t matter how positive of an effect a conservatorship has had if it’s having a deleterious effect and detrimental effect on her state of mind. So he supports her having the best environment for her to live in and for his children to visit with their mother in. Kevin feels that the best thing for his children is for their mother to be happy and healthy.”

However, amidst her battle against this conservatorship, Britney is doing her best to remain positive. Recently, the singer shared that she has been feeling “rebellious” and “bold.” Posting a video of her painting on a big paper, Britney shared, “As you guys know there’s a lot of change going on in my life… At the moment and today I was feeling overwhelmed so I went to Michael’s and got white paper and paint 🎨 !!!”

The singer continued, “I wanted to see color and this is me messing around !!! Ok so I’m not a professional painter… but I certainly felt like I was !!! This is an expression of how I’m feeling at the moment … rebellious… colorful…bright…bold …spontaneous…magical…so obviously showing my true colors !!!! If you look closely you can see find a fish in there somewhere!!!”

Yesterday, Britney also provided her fans with an update regarding her conservatorship. The singer noted, “I do want to let everybody know that things are way better than what I ever anticipated.” She further stated, “All I have is hope and hope is the only thing in this world that is very hard to kill, yet people still try.”

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