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Ron Howard : What is his net worth, personal life and career?

Ron Howard

Ron Howard who is famous for his role in movies like The Twilight Zone, The Andy Griffith Show and The Music Man. He hasn’t just stopped with acting but went on to direct and produce many films, even done writing for a few films. He started young and had a successful career acting from there. Ron also won several awards like Academy awards for best actor and director. He also received National Medal of Arts and also became part of the Hall of Fame. He was appreciated for his works by all the viewers. Read to find out more updates about him.

Childhood and early life

Ron Howard was born on March 1, 1954, in Oklahoma, US. His parents are Jean Speegle Howard and Rance Howard. He grew up in a home of celebrities as his parents were an actress and his dad was a director, writer and actor. Ron’s father also worked in the Air Force. Later in the years, Ron’s family moved to Hollywood which is the major Hollywood landmark. He got into acting at a young age. He did his schooling at Desilu Studio and later studied in Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary and David Star Jordan Junior High. He attended the University of Southern California but he did not graduate.

Personal life and career

He started his career at a very young age, his first role was in the movie The Journey in 1959. He was just five years old when he played this role. Later, he acted in The DuPont Show with June Allyson”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Dennis the Menace”, “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis” and The Cheyenne Show. Ron then had his famous role as Opie Taylor in the “The Andy Griffith Show”. However, this was just the beginning of a great career. As an adult, he took part in American Graffiti, the series Happy Days, The Shootist and many more. He directed many famous movies like Night Shift, Willow, Parenthood, A Beautiful Mind and even Cinderella. Further, Ron also went on to direct the Star Wars movie.

Ron Howard married Cheryl Alley in the year 1975. She is a known writer and the couple has four children Bryce Dallas Howard, Jocelyn Carlyle, Paige Howard and Reed Cross.

What is the net worth of Ron Howard?

Ron Howard is said to have earned a lot throughout his career and he has a net worth of around $200 million. Ron also owns real estate worth millions.

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