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Robert Pattinson has recovered from coronavirus and is back at the set of The Batman.

The Batman

Robert Pattinson, who is going to play the character of Batman, was infected with the coronavirus, following which production of the new movie ‘The Batman’ had come to a halt for two weeks. They stopped filming the movie on 3rd September. Now it is reported that he is feeling well and is ready to return back to the set. The completion of The Batman has been postponed. Here we have brought you the news regarding Robert Pattinson and the continuation of the filming of The Batman.

Is Robert Pattinson coming back to set?

According to the reports, Robert Pattinson, who was infected with coronavirus, has recently recovered and returned to The Batman set. Actor Pattinson is going to play in the upcoming superhero movie, The Batman. After he was infected with the virus, the production of the movie had come to a standstill for two weeks. Sources reveal that Robert had returned to work on the sets on Thursday morning. He was seen with his partner, Suki Waterhouse, in London last Wednesday.

Is the completion date for The Batman being postponed?

Matt Reeves’s movie, The Batman’s completion date, has been further postponed. This news came when the actor Robert Pattinson had returned to the set after his recovery. According to sources, it is stated that a major part of the movie was considered to be shot in Liverpool, but due to the ongoing pandemic, the shoot had been suspended and re-arranged several times.

Production of The Batman had started earlier this September in London. It had resumed after the shut down in mid-March amid the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 pandemic had put a halt in the production of most of the television series and movies. The entertainment industry suffered big because of it. Fans are highly anticipating the new movie and to see their favorite hero save the Gotham city.


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