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Riverdale Season5: Is the show coming back anytime soon?


Riverdale Season5 – Riverdale based on teen drama is an American television series. The first season came in the year 2017 which gathered many positive reviews. The second and third seasons premiered in 2018 and 2019 respectively. The show’s fourth season released in 2019 came to a stop in 2020 for the ongoing pandemic.

When a member of the crew came in contact with someone who had tested positive for the virus in March, Riverdale was one of the first to suspend its production during the pandemic.

This made the 19 episodes abruptly shut down to the fourth season, leaving the audience with a cliff hanger.  Luckily, things appear to be following up, with the cast getting united again and shooting taking off this year with a steamy sequence mostly at the beginning of September. Will the fifth season stream on-air soon this year?

What happens in Riverdale?

As it features a familiar-sounding group of high school students, the comic book fans would recognize so well, Riverdale is part of the teen drama genre. Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica form this teenage group. In line with the latest mysteries, the four friends constantly find themselves in shady circumstances and end up in them, making some major disclosures.

With many storeys of passion in between, the show also brings an emotional dimension to the fore. It is expected that the fifth season will feature some crucial aspects that have been hanging us in suspense for a long time now. Several new doubts come on board about Donna as how she exploited Betty after it was exposed that Jughead did not really die. He was truly only knocked unconscious at the end of season 4. So, it seems like the season5 is going to have a lot of spicy bits.

Who all to be a part of the show?

  • KJ Apa is playing the character of Archie
  • Betty Cooper takes up the role of Lili Reinhart
  • Camila Mendes portraying the character of Veronica
  • Cole Sprouse as Jughead
  • Petsch Madelaine as Cheryl

Is Riverdale Season5 happening soon?

The CW did announce a renewal of the new season of this interesting show based on Archie Comics, back in January. It is originally planned to air this October.  It is likely that the effect of the pandemic may postpone its originally scheduled premiere date.

The show’s pre-production begins in August 2020, before Roberto who is the producer and showrunner has said in September that filming began on the new season. He even shared an Instagram picture of himself and members of the cast of Riverdale.

The show is likely to return in January 2021. But if production will resume without a hitch, there’s a possibility it might be sooner. It seems like Riverdale isn’t going anywhere. Keep visiting our page get the latest news about your favorite shows and movies.

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