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Riverdale Season 5, what is the release date of upcoming season?

Riverdale, one of the American mystery teen television series based on the characters created by the Archie comics. A story about the small town girls exploring their life and the darkness they face under Riverdale’s ethical act. The story was developed by Robert Aguirre and produced by J.B.Moranville. The series was originally released on 26 January 2017, and the fourth season was released on 9 October 2019 on Netflix.

Now the fans are eagerly waiting for Riverdale Season 5. According to the report, the series has been renewed for season five. Creators have confirmed that they are bringing Season 5 to entertain the viewers. But they have not revealed the plot of the season. Still, continue the reading to check what our assumption says regarding the plot of season 5.

Who will return for Riverdale Season 5?

The cast of Riverdale Season 5 is not confirmed yet, and before the shooting, some actors have officially announced that they will quit from the series. One of them is Skeet Ulrich, who played as Jughead’s father and stated that it’s because of the other creative opportunities. Veronica’s mother, played by Marisol Nichols, has also left the show.

Vanessa Morgan and Madeleine Petsch will be returning to reprise their role as Toni and Cheryl as the first teaser picture. Along with them, KJ Apa as Archie, Cole as Jughead, Lili Reinhart as Betty, and Camila Mendes as Veronica will return for season 5. There is no official news about if there are any additional characters.

What will Riverdale Season 5 be about?

The plot of Riverdale Season 5 is kept as a secret. But the actress Lili Reinhart said that they are no more teenagers as the story will take a time leap of 7 years. The writer wants to take a leap as they don’t want to stick with teenage life for the whole series. And the actors are thrilled to act like adults.

The characters may have new partners after the leap. And also said that there would be an emotional sequence, and finally, there will be prom scenes to kick start season 5, which was removed from season 4 due to the pandemic issue.

When will the release?

The shooting of season 5 was started in 2020, soon after the announcement, and was halted due to the corona pandemic issues. And now, the shooting resumed in August. We may expect season 5 in January 2021 or even before if there are no issues due to the pandemic.

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