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Riverdale Season 5, Did the series got renewal or not?

Riverdale Season 5 – Riverdale is an American teen drama series based on the renowned comic book characters of Archie Comics. It is created by Roberto Ageurre Sacossa for the channel, The CW, and produced exclusively by Warner Bros Television and CBS Television Studios. The executive producers of Riverdale are Sarah Schneider, Greg Berlanti, and Jon Goldwater.
The filming takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia.

During the period of Global Shutdown, speculation spreading between the netizens that Riverdale about to launch its fifth sequel. So, here is great news for them. Riverdale Season 5 has renewed by Warner Bros Television and CBS Television Studios. The creator, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa also shared an Instagram post regarding the renewal of Season 5

What about the Storyline and premise of Riverdale?

Riverdale follows the story of Archie Andrews’s life adventures in a small town called Riverdale with his friends. Together they explore the hidden secrets and darkness of the so-called perfect image of the town.

Riverdale debuted on The CW on 26 January 2017, and ever since then it’s a huge hit among the teens, and adults worldwide for it’s an intriguing and mysterious plot. Till now, there are four seasons of Riverdale, and the fourth one premiered on 9 October 2019. Within a month of the arrival of the fourth season of Riverdale, The CW renews it for the fifth season.

If we focus on the premises of the fifth season, which has not been revealed yet, but we can anticipate that the story will continue from the last episode of the fourth season of Riverdale. It will certainly bring new adventures and mysteries for the viewers, and there will be more secrets and darkness to unravel in the town of Riverdale.


Other updates on Riverdale Season 5

Due to the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19, the production halted for the fifth season of Riverdale. It is anticipated that Riverdale Season 5 will premiere by January 2021. The official announcement about the release date hasn’t been done yet.

However, The major ensemble cast of the fifth season of Riverdale includes the following actors, KJ ApaLili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, Camila Mendes, Madeline Petsch, Ashley Murray, Casey Cott, Charles Melton, Vanessa Morgan, Madchen AmickMarisol Nichols, Mark Conseils, Skeet Ulrich, and few others.

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