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Rick and Morty: When the new season coming out?

Rick and Morty

Back in March 2019, before Rick and Morty season 4 was even released, the creator Dan Harmon declared that he was working on the show’s part 5. With part 4 having ended back in May, now work has started in earnest on the next set of chapters, though it’s over Zoom sessions because of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.
With a potentially unique idea for the rollout of chapters, an early interesting teaser, and a few notable fan theories, there is a lot more to sort out in the upcoming sequel. Here is all you need to know in season 5.

When is the new season coming out?

There is no specific launch date yet, but the work is certainly moving on the latest season.
Last month, co-creator Dan Harmon unveiled that this show’s producers are operating on the fifth part in lockdown, saying The Wrap: We had already ended part four, and the editors are working on the fifth part in two-hour chunks via Zoom. There are plenty of things that are best about a Zoom writers’ room and are well balanced out by any worse things.

What will happen in the upcoming part?

The unpredictable nature of Rick and Morty is that it is quite difficult to foretell what’s gonna probably happen in the next upcoming series. Hopefully, the Interdimensional Cable format will recover the next part, this season, it is renewed by the uncertain Never Ricking Morty meta adventure.
Still, we are yet to figure out what happened to Evil Morty & what he did do to the Citadel under his power so hopefully, he would be arriving in next season.

Moreover, there are following actors/ artists, which are likely to appear in this anime season

Spencer Grammer (Summer)
Sarah Chalke (Beth)
Chris Parnell (Jerry)
Justin Roiland to voice the duo of Morty and Rick
After the fourth part hosting of many more talented guest actors, including Keegan-Michael Key, Paul Giamatti, Matthew Broderick, Justin Theroux, and also Elon Musk, the fifth part is about to cast a similarly star-studded actors.

Is there a trailer for season 5?

While a whole trailer is not yet released, but an initial look view from the upcoming series has been posted in animatic form online. Check that out.

Stay tuned here for more updates, We’ll get back to you soon!!

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