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Rey Skywalker: Was she a Jedi Master?

Rey Skywalker, firstly known as Rey, was a female Jedi Master who fought against the reign of the first order. She was an old scavenger from the planet named Jakku. Her life was changed due to many devastating events in the new republic era. She decided to help droid which made her discover the force that was inside her, which led her to take training from the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Even after she was set to follow Jedi Orders, she felt the dark side due to her anger and a bad relationship with Ben Solo.

Early Life

Rey was born in 15 ABY when the new republic was coming into force. Her father was a bioengineered clone formed from Darth Sidious, known as Sith Lord who ruled the Galactic Empire. Her mother and father decided to live as junk traders to hide their daughter because she had sidious force connection which was inherited. After the death of her parents, she had to live alone in the Jakku desert and thus became a mechanic, pilot and a fighter. She decides to help the resistance as the war disrupts her life.


Rey became a scavenger on the planet Jakku in order to survive. She went through the Junk Fields in the Spaceship Graveyard and collect loot for other scavengers. Then she realised that other scavengers needed and she didn’t need them. She set off on her own trail and used her skills to scavenge and survive.

After that she went off on another planet and discovers her inner powers where she finds Luke Skywalker who was haunter by his past and believed the only hope for the galaxy is the return of Jedi. She was called upon by the lightsaber of the Skywalker. Rey seeks training from former Jedi master.

The confrontation

Rey confronted Palpatine on Exegol, destroying him with the help of the spirits which were in the Jedi’s past. To destroy him, it took all her strength, but Ben Solo sacrificed his life to save hers. Rey then went to Tatooine to bury the lightsabers of Luke and Leia in tribute to her mentors.

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