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Review: UC Browser, blazing fast & Data Saver Browser

Review: UC Browser, blazing fast & Data Saver Browser

UC Browser is one of the fastest web browsers and I must agree it is a personal favorite. It has a plenty of features that make it a must-have browser if indeed you are looking for an alternative. Well, I have been using UC Browser for a while now and know where it shines and where it lacks so here’s what the UC Browser is like for a daily usage.


Review: UC Browser, blazing fast & Data Saver Browser

Tab on UC Browser icon on the desktop and the app will turn on. The homepage basically has a Google Search box and a URL field. Then, we have 8 to 10 speed dial icons that you can set to access websites with a tab. Then we have plugins for UC News which is a relatively new feature that keeps you updated.

The windows have round edges and allow swiping between at least 10 tabs simply with a swipe across the bottom of the screen or you can tab on ‘tabs’ option to check out for all opened tabs and multitask between up to 10 websites. There are plenty of plugins and elements that come built-in with the UC Browser but we will discuss in the next section.

The users can tweak the appearance by diving into the Settings where font and image quality can be altered while the overall look can be changed using UC’s night mode that inverts the color to black. The app has a real-time scorecard for crickets as well as for news and yes, a Facebook mode where the menu bar that you see on Facebook on your desktop i.e. Messages, Friends, Notification is available on the notification panel. The messages received on Facebook are displayed on the notification panel with reply feature.

Features: What does it offer?

If you are talking about the features that UC Browser offers, there are many to discuss right here. First of all, it has a pretty effective ad-blocking feature which blocks the majority of ads and popups if not all as well as share the number of elements blocks. It has a data compression or data saving feature that saves a good chunk of the mobile data while allowing faster processing and downloads thanks to its booster mode. UC Browser adds around 10 percent faster download speeds which are great and it is displayed at a real time. Along with faster downloads, the browser can pause and resume ongoing downloads for several days without hassle, however, it happens barely but it might not be able to continue a paused download due to some error.

Review: UC Browser, blazing fast & Data Saver Browser

The user experience is smooth since the processing and loading barely take some time but there’s a catch. When the internet is not available, the browser tends to show that it is loading a page that you want to access which is annoying. Further, we have a built-in video player that plays any and every video on the web and there’s a hack here. Although there is no option to download a video when it is playing in the built-in player, when the internet is not accessible or when the player buffers, a download option pops up on the screen and there’s your chance to download the video right from the player. You can also use external video players using ‘Play With’ option but don’t forget, it will buffer.

Further, we have a Cricket Card feature that tracks cricket scores at real time which is displayed on the notification panel that can be removed when needed. It also has a Facebook mode that displays notifications and messages right on the notification panel with instant reply option and more. In the latest update, UC Browser offers a small window mode wherein you can use UC Browser by creating a tiny screen that floats on the screen while you access other apps or watch videos.


It is blazing fast, secured, and offers a lot of plugins and features that you can use for an everyday purpose. It is light-weight and cross-platform that adds another point in the USPs list. It is super easy to use with self-explanatory elements and has a built-in video player which tends to play any format of videos without any delay. It keeps the user updated about cricket scores as well as the latest news and more. I must recommend that you must give it a try.What do you think about the UC Browser? Let us know in the comments below.

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