Review: Scout GPS Link - Powerful but not a handy alternative to Google Maps

Review: Scout GPS Link – Powerful but not a handy alternative to Google Maps

Scout GPS Link is a heavy-duty GPS service available at free of cost. Although the app is good in use, it has some limitations such as it is available in Canada and the United States only which is a massive shortcoming in terms of usage. It does provide a detailed map with fastest routes, alternative routes available, gas stations, food court nearby and other services but it is only for those who love traveling in a car as it pairs up with the car as well as to its multimedia system to provide location-based services.

The app is made for cars and therefore, it won’t offer services such as a pedestrian route or route for a bike. Although it has a detailed map available in 2D and 3D, the aforementioned will surely be a problem if in case you want to jog to the destination and get stuck with cars-only routes.

About the app, it has a full navigation experience provide voice-based turn-by-turn navigation as well as offers a huge data on nearby gas stations, food, banks, hospitals, etc. It provides user’s location and destination and the route between along with clear and concise turn-by-turn information with time and distance to travel. Press a button and it will take you directly to your home location and press location button and that is when you will know your own current location which is something almost all apps offer nowadays so there’s nothing new in it. It works with some models of Lexus and Toyota and there you have it, another shortcoming that must ignore in case if you really wanna use this app.

Get the app on App Store and Google Play Store (Only in the United States and Canada)