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Review: ‘Proximity Actions’ for broken power button

I suppose that the power button on your phone is broken or you are just trying to safeguard it from being used too much. Anyways, Proximity Actions is a great app available on Google Play Store that serves various functions using waves. Yes, it tracks the moment of hand or anything which resembles it using the phone’s proximity sensor which is the sensor that detects the presence of your head and turns off the screen when on call.

So, after you download the app available freely on Play Store, you can go to its actions to save ‘waves’ and ‘holds’. Now, ‘Waves’ literally means that the app will command the smartphone to do said task when someone waves for a specific duration which is usually counted in milliseconds and thus, it’s very minuscule. Further, Hold represents a user holding his and over the screen for a specific duration which is also calculated in milliseconds but it is a comparatively longer duration that triggers an app or service to commence.

Review: 'Proximity Actions' for broken power button

The user interface is very simple and in fact, it looks primitive with ads popping up in its free version. The ‘Pro’ extends functionality while getting rid of ads once-and-for-all. Now, you can set whether you want to trigger a flashlight on the phone using wave for 20 milliseconds or you can ask the phone to turn on music player when you wave for 30 milliseconds. Further, you can add hold position wherein you simply hold the head over the sensor and the phone will trigger the said app or services. It also works with locking and unlocking the phone which is why I have been recommending it for a while now.

About the key feature, it can toggle between rotation modes, launch an app or service, lock and probably unlock the phone, play and pause or next, previous music tracks, turn on the flashlight, change screen orientation, and much more. Moreover, uninstalling it isn’t a rocket science since you simply have to go to Settings >> Device Administrator and revoke permissions and then, go to Settings >> Apps >> Proximity Actions >> Uninstall, that’s all.

You can check out this cool app on Play Store here! Check out the top five best apps to replace the broken power button for Android smartphones.

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