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Review: KeepSafe Photo Vault

Review: KeepSafe Photo Vault

KeepSafe Photo Vault could be summoned is as one of the best photo and video vault that keeps your said files private and out of reach of anybody who would intrude in your private stuff without your knowledge. The app is available on Play Store for free and has been downloaded for more than 50 million times securing over one billion pictures in its vault as per the count made during an app survey by keepSafe.

What KeepSafe offers is a military-grade encryption technology with PIN and fingerprint protection systems making it one of the most secure places to hide or keep your photos away from prying eyes who could cause serious damage if not taken care of.

The user interface
The app is simply easy to use as it has all the features that one could need and that too well organized and explained. The photo and video vault keep photos and even separate albums safe. I found it very easy to use as it doesn’t show up in the recent apps similar to AppLock or any other photo and video vaults that you can think of. It is not just for protecting the memories with your loved ones but it also safeguards essential and important documents such as credit card details, driver’s license and photocopies of other important documents.

KeepSafe Photo Vault: The Features
Review: KeepSafe Photo Vault
KeepSafe is an all-arounder app that protects your photos and videos securely and without any hint of its existence until you don’t open the app by itself. You can set up pattern or PUN or even your biometrics like a fingerprint to keep the files secured while it keeps a tab with a Private Cloud which is an in-app purchase feature but available for basic version time. It provides you with a backup of photos and videos album automatically without any hassle.

There is a feature called face-down auto lock which is extremely helpful when you are in a tight situation towards your friends or family or acquaintance or any other intruder where you simply have to keep the phone face-down and KeepSafe will secure all the files. Want to share photos with someone but can’t take the risk if they saved it, use the photo sharing feature that works similar to Snapchat but has a life of only 20 seconds and it literally vanishes after 20 seconds from the recipient’s phone after he/she receives it.

Even if you wish to delete the photos and videos from the gallery, simply store it in the Private Cloud and delete it since you already have a backup ready in case if you ever need it. Then, we have the feature to retrieve deleted photos which adds another layer of reliability to a photo vault since accidents and mistakes can happen anytime but with KeepSafe, itself you can recover it if wanted.

What is available with in-app purchases?
Coming to the in-app purchases, KeepSafe Premium offers a variety of features such as Album Lock, Fake Pin, and others including all the features from the basic version. The Album lock provides another layer of security by forming different passwords for different albums that preventing an intruder from penetrating in all the files in case if he/she ever comes to the knowledge of your password.

Review: KeepSafe Photo Vault

Another feature is break-in alerts which are when an intruder tries to break-in to the app, KeepSafe will automatically snap photos of the intruders as well as track the attempts made and more. Next is the Fake Pin feature which forms a decoy KeepSafe icon on the desktop or menu with a fake Pin code with nothing in it since it is a decoy and not the real app which is still visible or either camouflaged in the background.

If you are looking to safeguard private photos and videos, you can surely go for KeepSafe which is one of the best alternatives to AppLock but still, there are a lot of features that the latter proposes compared to the former. You can compare the two apps by reading the AppLock Review that must make it easy to contemplate the best app to use on your Android smartphone. You can also check out the list of top five best photo and video vault on Android smartphones that you can try.

Download the app here –> KeepSafe Photo Vault

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