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Review: AppLock, a must-have powerful vault

Review: AppLock, a must-have powerful vault

App Lock has been around for several years now and in fact, it is one of the oldest vault available on Google Play Store with more than 350 million downloads and counting. The app has literally every feature that you can ever think of thanks to years of development and updates from the developer DoMobile Lab. It is an easy-to-use and ultra powerful app with a number of features that you would love and here’s a review that will take you to an 360-degree ride covering all its features along with how it looks and feels to be used and more.

The introduction
App Lock is available in more than 50 countries and in 39 languages with more than 350 million downloads. The app is actually very simple as it allows users not only lock photos and videos which in fact go out of the radar and can be accessed through the app only. But it has much more than just to work with photos and videos. It locks apps as well as various aspects of the apps as well.

Hiding files on App Lock
It’s kinda simple when you are on App Lock. Simply open the app, go to vault and select photo or video that you want to hide and bingo, you have successfully hidden these files and it won’t be available on the gallery or the file explorer until you remove it from the vault but you can access these photos and videos from within the vault freely.

Hiding apps and features
This is what makes AppLock pretty useful. The app allows users to lock the apps that you don’t wish others to access which could be Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Gallery, File Explorer, Phone (Calls), Messages, Hangout, and in fact every other app that you can see under ‘Settings >> Apps’ which includes both downloaded and pre-installed apps and features.

Choose the security firewall
Earlier, the app used to support only PIN and Password that users would enter to check out the contents and workaround the app. But now, with the onset and popularity of fingerprint readers, AppLock allows users to use a fingerprint as an added layer of safety and security before opening any of the content. It means that you have a separate phone lock and a separate app lock for those apps and features that you have locked using AppLock app.

The Plethora of Features
The app locks out random keyboard touches that would otherwise send messages and do other unwanted tasks while the phone is in the pocket. Further, the app has private SNS which allows different users to create different accounts with varied access which means, if you and your brother have accounts on the same app, you cannot view his stuff and similarly, neither can he view your stuff. It has a time lock/unlock feature that allows the phone to automatically lock the select apps, files, and services and unlock when automatically.

Thought that only Chrome or UC browser had an incognito mode? Think again because the AppLock has its own incognito mode that doesn’t traces history not tracks activities and keeps user’s activity safe and secure. The intruder selfie feature is an added bonus as it clicks photos of the users trying to intrude your privacy without your permission. The app consumes very less power from the battery and works on very less data transmission which saves data charges as well.

Don’t worry if your friend or someone sees that you have an AppLock installed on your phone because the app can easily disguise itself and there’s more. You can lock system settings such as the switch to toggle wifi, mobile data, location, among others. In fact, there’s a lot more you can do with AppLock and that’s the reason why it is at the number 1 position in our list of ‘Top 5 best photos and videos hiding vault’. You can download the app from Play Store!

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