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Return to Sleepaway Camp: Will It Be Back with another sequel or not?

Return to Sleepway Camp

Return to Sleepaway Camp – a 2008 American slasher movie well-written and directed by Robert Hiltzik. In the fourth movie in the Sleepaway Camp series, it is a straight sequence to the initial ignoring the events of II: Unhappy Campers and III: Teenage Wasteland was delivered direct-to-video.

There are loads of horror movies out there with big budgets and rich effects, but the Sleepaway Camp set found big success with its humble camp horror, which captivated fans enough to collect several sequels.

The 1980s were a splendid decade for slasher flicks, with several pictures taking a page from out of Friday the 13th or Halloween’s books. Sleepaway Camp – the most memorable horror escapades from the ‘80s and it’s a film that however gets up in current talks about the genre.

Sleepaway Camp looks at an essential plot where a killer runs amok at a summer camp, but the movie makes its mark due to its extreme performances, absurd kills, and one of the best twists to ever happen to a horror cinema. It’s the classic combination for the best kind of B-rated horror film from the ‘80s.

Methods for Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor moved into motion in 1992, but it was when the shooting of the sequel that the movie’s production company, Double Helix Films, went bankrupt. As an outcome, Sleepaway Camp IV was abandoned, with only more than half an hour of footage clip.

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Meantime, Robert Hiltzik the director of the original Sleepaway Camp tried to put together a sequel in 2003 to his initial film that overlooks parts two and three, named Return to Sleepaway Camp. The movie was finished, but Hiltzik was not content with the quality of the film’s special effects so he waited until 2008 until they could edit and release the film then.

After the issue of Return to Sleepaway Camp, keen fans online were able to track down the 34 ticks of footage from Sleepaway Camp IV, and additional footage. They mixed this material with stock footage from the initial three films, used in the form of flashbacks, to produce a 70-minute complete movie that they released online in 2012.

This was 4 years after the deliverance of Return to Sleepaway Camp, but followers were still excited to get any form of the true 4th film in the Sleepaway Camp series.


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