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Republic TV: The Channel gained highest TRP after indicting false accusations in many cases!

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Republic television is unrestricted to air Indian right-wingers news channel which was professed to be India’s first independent media outlet which would ‘democratize’ news and inaugurated on 6th May 2017, the channel was established based on share capital, where Arnab Goswami has the majority shares and being a part of shareholders in the Republic Television. The channel was co-founded by Arnab Goswami and Rajeev Chandrasekhar. 

When and Why did the Republic TV launch?

The channel’s slogan says “You are the Republic, We are just Your Voice”. The television is known for TRP king; where they support Bharatiya Janata Party blindly by publishing fake news against the other parties. This channel has been sentenced for breaching the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and News Broadcasting Standards Authority rules. The channel is totaled to be valued at rupees 1200 crores as of now 2020, where the channel expanded rapidly in the last two years. 


How is the channel authorized by the Government? 

After Goswami made his resignation from Times Now channel in November 2016 by reasoning that the channel is lacking in editing, no freedom for speaking up, and dirty newsroom politics. 

On 16th December 2016; Goswami announced his new channel “The Republic”, which is initially funded by the Asianet News, Rajeev Chandrasekhar and other investors are Arnab Goswami and his family.  The channel officially made to viewers on May 6th 2017 through most direct to home services and cable television as a free channel to the people. You can also connect to the new channel through mobile platforms such as Jio TV and Hotstar. At first, the channel launched only in the language of English but later adopted another network in the Hindi language outlet named Republic Bharat on 2nd February 2019.  

The channel gained popularity through controversy?

This channel has many controversies which defame the reputation of the nation. Republic Tv with Arnab Goswami brings you to live breaking news, headlines, debates, and latest updates from India and across the globe.

The Channel received many negative comments where they destroyed the reputation of the Congress party and also defamed them for false accusations. The channel has been reported for its unreasonable reporting in support of the BJP and Hindutva across a wide expanse of circumstances, comprising presenting political opponents in a negative light and avoiding criticism of figures from ruling parties. Recently also, in the lawsuit of Shushant Singh the channel created an exaggeration statement that resulted in the Republic planning to earn a high TRP rating from the viewers. Even the public filing case against The Republic TV for overstating the topic in the wide range for getting views.


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