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Release Date And Other 5 Things To Know About The New Season

After the superhit on Fox Masked Singer is ready to back on our screen again. As well we know that Season 2 of Masked Singer is wrapped up, and fans are very excited to know when will be the season 3 hits on Fox. So, in this article, you got everything related to the show. For more information, swipe up here!!

When will be season 3 arrives??

We have a piece of good news for you all, and the good news is that with lots of twists and turns, Season 3 will arrive Live On Fox at 9 p.m on 2 February 2020. So you are excited about season 3?? Tell us in the comment box.

Masked Singer: Cast??

Although we are little too far out to have a full list of 18th contestants of the show to share, well, the show teased a few of its characters on social media. So we can be expected that (Robot), (Miss Monster), (Mouse), (Frog), (Llama) and (Banana) all are set to return for Season 3 of Masked Singer.

🎭 Let the guessing begin. 🎭

Season 3 of #TheMaskedSinger premieres February 2 after the Super Bowl! pic.twitter.com/ij11pyQrjv

— The Masked Singer (@MaskedSingerFOX) December 19, 2019

How can we watch Season 3 of Masked Singer??

Do you have an issue about how to watch season 3 of Masked Singer?? Don’t worry, and we have a complete description for you all how you can view this season without any difficulties. The singing show you can enjoy on Hulu, or through FoxNow, Google Play, iTunes, Kindle Fire, Apple TV, and 70 plus cable providers now accessed on FoxNow.

Who judges are decided for the Next Season??

Therefore, (Robin Thicke), (Nicole Scherzinger) (Jenny McCarthy) and (Ken Jeong) aren’t going anywhere. So, yes, all four Judges and the host of the show (Nick Cannon) are all set to return to back on our screen again. However, for the more information related to the show, next season, stay tuned with us, respectively.

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