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Release And Other Updates on Money Heist’s ‘La Casa De Papel’ Part 5

The sensational Money Heist is the most popular Spanish crime drama, also known as ‘La Casa de Papel’. Because of its locations and the cliffhangers. It is also one of the voguish TV series On Netflix. Originally the producer intended the story to be a two-part series. It had a strong start to the Antena 3 streaming network before it was taken up by Netflix and the show developed into a global phenomenon.

The series is fast and revolves around a gang of thieves and one master intellect, namely, The Professor. The story has interpersonal complexities, electrifying intriguing performances and inevitably unforeseen twists.

La Casa de Papel, released on April 3rd for its highly awaited fourth chapter. Undoubtedly it is thrilling and unpredictable as ever with a Professor, and his group of criminals attempt to rob the Bank of Spain for gold.

Most popular Spanish series Money Heist has made the viewers go gaga on it, and that is why they are back with 8 new episodes. They just cannot wait to see what happened to the major cast of the series.

The official announcement by Netflix on the successful drama renewal has not been made yet.

Paco Ramos, Director of original international content at Netflix for Spain and Latin America, said in a statement “future seasons are planned if it goes well”.
A Spanish website said that the series had been renewed for the fifth and sixth seasons.
Since Netflix has not officially announced it yet no release date for another series is available.

Filming worldwide is cancelled due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. All the binge and series watcher need to wait much patiently for the next seasons to be streamed.
Release date of the Money Heist Part 5 is supposed by its previous release dates.
We have confirmed the news that season 1 and 2 were filmed together and the same way the season 3 and 4. There is a possibility that viewers may not get to watch the show until late 2021 as the airing gap is of 20 months.

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