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Redbox, What are the top best games and recent updates of the box?

Redbox is a Canadian and American video rental company that serves and specialization in 4K UHD rentals, DVD and formerly some video games. Redbox provides these services via automated retail kiosks. These kiosks are located in various places such as grocery stores, convenience stores, fast food restaurants and pharmacies. It features the company’s signature red colour. It was founded 18 years ago in 2002 by Gregg Kaplan. This company has its headquarters in Illinois, U.S.

What are the best Games ?

  1. Metro Exodus – It is a video game  of Redbox that was developed by 4A games and published by Deep Silver in the year 2019. It is a first-person shooter video game. The players need to face all the new hazards and engage him in fighting against the creatures as well as humans. The setting of the game is a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
  2. Kingdom hearts III – It is a video game that released in 2019, an action role-playing game that is published by Square Enix. The protagonist of the story has to cross paths in his journey with various characters from Disney and Pixar intellectual properties.
  3. Call of duty: Black Ops III – otherwise known as Call of duty: black ops 4 is a multi-player first person shooter video game that came in the year 2018. It contains multiplayer, zombies and battle royale mode in it. The battle royale mode is called the blackout which can take up to 100 players in one match.
  4. Mario + Rabbids kingdom battle – this is a role-playing video game that was published by Ubisoft. This game features both single and cooperative gameplay mode. This strategically game features Mario with his friends and rabbids dressed as them, who fight against the other rabbids who are their enemies. They fight to stop the enemies from hindering their progress in the growth of the Mushroom kingdom.
  5. Minecraft – this game is created in java programming language by Persson. It is a sandbox video game that officially released in 2011. Minecraft is one of the bestselling video game of all time. The players need to gather the raw materials and build structures out of it.


Recent updates on Redbox and its game rentals!

According to the sources, the Redbox is all set to quit the games rental section of it. In a recent tweet it clarified that the company will soon exit the game rental business. The company is all set to focus exclusively on movie. This is why it is willing to stop the rental business of games. It also confirmed that the buyers can buy them till the end of the year. It may be available till the early of the next year from a Redbox kiosk.

Many gamers relied on the Redbox for rental games. This is highly disappointing to them that they no longer can buy games now. Redbox was one of the most convenient way to rent games, which is why many were gamers depended on it.

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