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Red Access Card Warzone season 5: How to use it and other updates?

Warzone season 5

For every gamer, Call of duty: Warzone is nothing new. This battle-royal game first released on March 10, 2020. The developers include Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Raven Sofware. One update that was visible in the new game was the bunkers. Initially, the players were unable to unlock them but the 1.21 version update allowed this. The August release introduced distinguishable upgrades with the Red Access Card. Moreover, blue access cards were also introduced in it. Further, the gamers response involved mostly positive critics and the game was described as enjoyable. To know about the new upgrades and ways to use them, continue reading.

What is in the Warzone season 5?

The Warzone season 5 has some interesting upgrades. First the return of the Shadow Company, the first featured in Modern Warfare 2. New Battles which combines with unlocking over 100 levels and new blueprints have been added. The map also has considerable changes, with its new train and opening a stadium. Along with this, new maps and weapons are also available. The game, as usual, can be played in multiplayer and includes first-person shooting. One of the new updates is that of the secret bunkers and the Red Access Card. This article also covers ways to find them and use it to uncover blueprints and other loots.

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Where can we get the Red Access Cards Warzone season 5?

The Red Access Card Warzone season 5 is used for opening bunkers. They are usually collected from chests and used to drop from legendary crates. As of season 5, the red cards are found from any coloured crates. A new red card key also appears near the player’s name and health. However, these keys only open certain bunkers and not all. Another way to get them is by looting crates. For this, you need to take up Scavenger Contracts which gives you multiple crates. The red card keys let you loot blueprint from secret bunkers.

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