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Real Steel 2: Here is all the updates on plot, cast and characters.

Real Steal 2

The chances of Real Steel 2 has the little possibility, and I do not want to provide false hopes for the fans. It has been nine years since the first movie released, and the fans are still expecting a sequel for the science fictions. There are possibilities for a sequel to the first movie as the story can continue in many ways. However, there has been no official information from the team. The cast and the directors of Real Steel have also been busy over these years with various other projects. Even though the sequel is improbable, we can still hope for one.

Directed by Shawn Levy, Real Steel first hit the screens on October 6, 2011. The movie is based on a short story by Richard Matheson named “Steel”. It collected a box office of $300 million. The movie received mixed reviews. It was praised for its action sequences, visual effects and the performance of the cast. The original language of the film is English.

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Real Steel revolves around the relationship of a father, son and a robot boxer. Charlie was a boxer until giant robots took over the boxing rings. After that, he builds robots from scrap and takes them to fight against other robots but doesn’t succeed. After hitting rock bottom, he is informed that his ex GF died and is called to attend a hearing regarding his son’s future. However, Max and Charlie have never met, and so Max’s Aunt takes custody of him. Later on, when Max’s Aunt and her husband decide to go on a vacation, they choose to leave him with Charlie. Max is a robot boxing enthusiast like his father, and the story continues by showing how they bring back Atom, an old fighting robot. It shows the heart-warming relationship between Max and Atom.

The movie ends with a fight between Atom and Zeus, who is a global champion. Even though Atom knocks him out in the final round, he wins by the number of hits. However, Atom becomes the Peoples Champion. The sequel can feature Max taking over robot boxing or even a new plot.

Cast and characters of Real Steel

The cast of the first movie includes;

  • Hugh Jackman as Charlie
  • Dakota Gayo as Max
  • Evangeline Lilly as Bailey
  • Anthony Mackie as Finn
  • Olga Fonda as Farra Lemkova
  • Karl Yune as Tak Mashido
  • Kevin Durand as Ricky
  • Hope Davis as Aunt Debra
  • James Rebhorn as Marvin
  • Gregory Sims as Bill panne

Real Steel 2

The sequel to Real Steel has not been confirmed, but the fans are still hoping for one even after nine years. However, there are slight chances for it because of the box office, the fanbase and even the storyline of the previous movie have left something for a sequel.

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